Below The Belt: Episode 14

In this episode, we discuss the controversial time travel story line in the latest season of Game of Thrones. After that Ryan uses the questionable conclusions of the show Deadliest Warrior to quiz Brad on who would win in fights between a viking and a samurai, a pirate and a knight, and a... wtf... a... ugh... seriously Deadliest Warrior?... an IRA guy and a member of the Taliban. Nothing happens after that because the podcast comes to an end. If you have additional podcasts downloaded to your mobile device, it may play those podcasts, but it will not be our content. Unless the next podcast in your queue happens to be a previous episode of our podcast or you have set your mobile device to loop podcasts. Then it will be our content. Why would you loop podcasts? Why do anything, really? ... I once met a guy with a hole in the middle of one of his incisors. You could see right through it. He wanted me to give him money for his poetry. I think I ended up giving him money just to leave me alone.